17 Great Gifts for a Traveler

17 Great Gifts For A Traveler

Finding great gifts for someone who loves to travel can be difficult. Although there are a lot of choices,  you want to get something that they will actually love and use. Here to help are 17 creative, useful and great gifts for the traveler in your life.

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  1.   A jewelry organizer is a great gift for the female traveler in your life. Packing jewelry can be difficult as necklaces, in particular, tend to get tangled up. This is a well-reviewed organizer that would be a great addition to anyone’s travel packing list.

2.  An infinity travel scarf is not only pretty, but useful. This infinity travel scarf comes in a variety of colors and has a hidden pocket.

3.  A scratch off map or a laminated map is a great gift for any traveler! We have a laminated map that we draw on to show our road trip routes and our chidren love coming home after a trip to add to it.


4. A cell phone lens kit will be loved by any traveler. If you know someone getting ready to go to Yosemite or another National Park, this is a perfect gift! Everyone wants to get pictures of wildlife, but you can’t get to close to them. Having the ability to get close up shots of wildlife will make any traveler happy.

5. If your travel lover uses more professional camera equipment, a camera backpack will be appreciated. This one is waterproof and has a side tripod strap. Having a safe place for camera equipment that’s also easy to carry is a must.

6.  Giving a travel journal is a thoughtful gift and it could be personlized in many ways. We each have a travel journal and we treasure them!

7. Travel gift cards are a fantastic gift. They’re also perfect as a stocking stuffer, birthday gift or for a graduating senior getting ready to venture out for summer travel. Southwest Airlines, Airbnb and many others now offer gift cards.

8. Noise canceling bluetooth headphones are great for any age of traveler. To reduce cabin noise in an airplane or for your child to be able to watch their favorite movie for the 100th time, headphones can really come in handy. While noise canceling  headphones can be really expensive, I found this reasonably priced pair last year as a gift to my Husband and he swears by them.

9. I love it when I finds things that are a little different. This travel piggy bank is not only adorable, but useful as well.  I like the design and it makes a great gift for any person saving to travel.

10. Books to inspire where to go next is a travel lover’s dream. As a family, we enjoy referencing 1,000 Places To See Before You Die.  In addition to a world version, there’s also a US & Canada only version.


11. I LOVE these airport code pillows. There are a TON of options that will suit your traveler!

12. Finding the perfect travel wallet can be tricky. This travel passport wallet has it all! A place for your tickets, smartphone, keys, credit cards, passport and more is just the thing a traveler needs. It comes in a wide variety of colors and it’s very reasonably priced.

13.  This universal travel adapter covers more than 150 countries! Since you can charge 5 devices at once, this is one handy adapter.

14. I can’t imagine traveling without a power charger. Without fail, your cellphone will be low at the worst possible time. A portable charger is a great stocking stuffer and it will defintely be used by the receipient.

15. A passport cover or a luggage tag set are wonderful to receive and are easy on the wallet as well.


16.  A set of luggage is always great for any gift giving occassion.  This particular set is highly rated and very fairly priced.

17.  The Travelon Messenger bag is a great choice.  I bought this bag over 5 years ago and it’s been on every one of our vacations since then.  It has RFID blocking, slash-resistant panels + strap, locking compartments and a zippered expandable side pocket (perfect for a water bottle). This bag also comes in an array of colors to fit anyone’s fashion sense.


Final Thoughts

I hope that you enjoyed this list of gifts for the traveler in your life.  I personally recommend each of these items and many of them have been with me on our family’s travels for years.


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17 Great Gift Ideas for a Traveler


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  1. Sandra Ans

    This gift list is very good!
    Last Christmas I get from my friends a travel journal and I was sooo happy! But my boyfriend bought us a travel piggy bank. All those things are small things, but I know that for ar traveler they mean a world!

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