2019 Summer Bucket List

Summer is almost here and that means it’s time for a fun 2019 Summer Bucket List.  I know I’m ready to have a break from packing school lunches and all of the volunteer activities.  We’re looking forward to relaxing by the pool, spending time together as a family and maybe even a little extra sleep.

Summer Bucket List


One of our family’s favorite things to do the last week of school is to create a Summer Bucket List! We sit at our breakfast table and go over the fun things we want to do as a family.

Since we have such a great time doing this, we wanted to share some Summer Bucket List templates for you to print out and complete with your family.

Summer Bucket List

Some suggestions for your bucket list are:

A bowling night

Visiting a museum

Reading two books and deciding which two those will be

Visiting the library

Attending the Farmer’s Market

Traveling to your nearest National or State Park

Water balloon fight in the backyard

Camping at a campground or in the backyard

Go fishing or horseback riding

Picnic at your favorite park

Visiting a waterpark

Getting up for an early morning hike and watching the sunrise or a later evening hike and watching the sunset

There are so many fun summer activities you can do as a family to add to your Summer Bucket List. Don’t forget that there are TONS of free things to do that are exciting and won’t break your wallet.

We also have two traditions that we look forward to every summer! First is our movie slumber party night. We bring mattresses into the family room, make tons of popcorn, have a movie marathon and all sleep in the family room. We tend to do a theme night; one summer was 80’s movies, another time Westerns. Whatever your choice, it will be something that all of you will enjoy and look forward to.


The second tradition is in July when we have ice cream for dinner night. A few days before, we go to the store and all pick out which ice cream we want, buy a crazy amount of toppings and fresh fruit. Ice cream for dinner usually ends with all of us being really full and sitting in the backyard around the fire pit asking each other why we ate so much ice cream( ha, ha)! However, each summer we look forward to ice cream for dinner and it’s always fun.

If you’re looking for some fun family vacation ideas, check out some of our previous adventures: Monticello & Mt. Vernon, NYC, Chicago, Colonial Williamsburg, Niagara Falls 

We’ve created a few free Summer Bucket List Templates that you can use to have a great Summer! Remember, if you don’t do everything on the list, that’s ok. Enjoy your summer & enjoy your kids.

Look for the download option/icon at the top of each template. Templates are best viewed and easiest to download from desktop.

Summer Bucket List
Summer Bucket List-3
Summer Bucket List 2019





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