Christmas Travel Tree

Family Travel Christmas Tree

Christmas already?! Not yet, but I wanted to share one of our most beloved traditions so that you may be able to start the tradition with your family this year.

a family travel tree

Beginning of the tradition

Many years ago, on our first vacation as a family we started the tradition of buying ornaments, At each place we would pick out an ornament and bring them home. Then, when it was time to get out the Christmas tree, we got to bring them out and relive the trip. 

After a few years, our travel ornaments were taking up a lot of space on our main tree. So, we decided to have a dedicated family travel tree. Each year, make hot chocolate, get out the ornaments and talk about each trip, memories, funny stories and special moments. 

christmas ornaments
Biltmore Estate Christmas Ornament

What If You Forgot Or Couldn't Find An Ornament

Not to worry! There are a lot of options to find ornaments from your vacation.  A lot of places have online stores with Christmas ornaments. Bronners’s Christmas Wonderland offers several travel ornament options as well. 

If you aren’t able to start the tradition this year, know that you can always start it at any time! 

christmas ornament
Christmas Ornament

Other Ways To Remember Your Travels

  • Buy postcards on your vacation and have yours kids write what their favorite part was, or what they thought of the new food they tried or just their favorite memory. Once home, use hole punch on the corner and put them on  key ring. After each trip add the new postcards
  •  Collect soil, sand or even rocks from your travels. Once home, put them in labeled bottles or write the location and date on the rock
  •  If you go to a destination using a different currency, save a few paper bills and frame them 
  •  Shadow boxes are great! Inside you can place airline tickets, entry passes, brochures etc.. 
  •  If you frequent beach destinations, collect sand and/or seashells. Displaying them in a vase or decorative jar is always pretty. 
  • Each child gets a memory box to decorate and place items/memories from vacation inside
sand and shells with tipped over vase

Final Thoughts

Our family travel tree has become such a beloved tradition for us, I hope this article inspires you to find a tradition that works for you and your family! 

There is something so special about just getting out each ornament and reminisce about where we’ve been as a family. While traveling we get really excited to look for Christmas ornaments and deciding which ones to buy. 

Do you have a family travel tree? 

Travel Well,


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  1. Oh wow what a smart idea! So fun buying Christmas ornaments instead of other souvenirs, great way to remember your travels 😀 thanks for the idea

    1. Thank you! We love it and hope you do too!

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